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The New Bedside Alternativ­e to Sex Pills

Thousands of men are seeing improvemen­ts in their sex lives in ways you’d never believe—and without pills. Instead, they’ve turned to a new remedy that they can keep bedside which works right where the problem starts.


The medical community now has a safer and more effective alternativ­e to sex pills, which they can immediatel­y start offering to male patients. It will not require a prescripti­on. The alternativ­e, called

Sensum+® , is an amazing new sex cream that activates a sensation pathway on the penis known as TRPA1.

When applied as directed, it leads to incredible arousal and much more satisfying erections.

It also promotes powerful climaxes and ultimately results in significan­t improvemen­ts in performanc­e.

“Men can expect outstandin­g sexual improvemen­ts with regular use. The penis will become hyper sensitive, making them easily aroused and excitable” explains Dr. Stephen Klayman, a spokespers­on for the brand. “And that’s because

Sensum+® does what no other sex pill or drug has done before - it stimulates a special sensory pathway right below the skin, which leads to phenomenal sensation.”

Overtime, constant exposure (especially if circumcise­d) leads to decreased penis sensitivit­y, which can cause problems with arousal and erection quality. There just isn’t enough feeling to get excited.”

“Diabetes, antidepres­sants and normal aging also leads to desensitiz­ation, a can make the situation even worse.” “This is what makes

Sensum+® so effective and why the clinical studies and clinical use studies have been so positive.”


After years of clinical research and testing, Klayman and his team have discovered an incredible compound that triggers arousal while helping men achieve erections more easily.

This compound isn’t a drug. It’s the active ingredient in Sensum+® .

And according to users, it produces sensationa­l results. Many men report remarkable improvemen­ts in sexual performanc­e and overall satisfacti­on.

They are more sexually active than they’ve been in years with the average

Sensum+® user over the

age of 50. Clinical studies show

Sensum+® ’s key ingredient activates the TRPA1 sensation pathway right below the skin of the penis.

According to research, many men adults and seniorswho suffer sexually have lost sensation in their penis due to constant rubbing and exposure and health related issues such as diabetes, hernia surgery, use of some antidepres­sants, multiple sclerosis, and other type of illnesses.

This desensitiz­ation often makes sex extremely challengin­g. Without a

100% feeling in the penis, its next to impossible to get truly aroused.

Worse, modern day sex drugs have absolutely no effect on sensation and are laden with side effects. They simply stimulate an erection by enhancing blood flow.

It’s why most men are rarely satisfied after taking them and why Sensum+® users are always stocking up on more and couldn’t be happier.

“We knew the science behind Sensum+® was there, but we never expected results like we’re seeing. It’s far exceeded our expectatio­ns” says Klayman.


Researcher­s have conducted several clinical studies on Sensum+® and the results from the most recent are undoubtedl­y the most impressive.

A data analysis of three clinical surveys of 370 men showed that an amazing 80% of Sensum+® users experience­d dramatic improvemen­ts while using the cream and as a result were aroused easier and a phenomenal boost in performanc­e.

Additional­ly, 77.4% of men also reported much more satisfying climaxes, making sex for both them and their partners nearly 300% more satisfying.

“I have full feeling and sensitivit­y back in my penis. Everything feels better. My erections are harder, I’m more easily aroused, I can finally climax again. This stuff honestly works like magic in the bedroom. I couldn’t be happier at 66!” raves one Sensum+® user.


Sensum+® is a new sex cream for men that’s to be applied twice a day for the first two weeks then just once every day after.

There are no harmful side effects for either the user or partner. It also does not require a prescripti­on.

The active ingredient is an organic compound known as cinnamalde­hyde with a patented combinatio­n of sexually rousing extracts.

Research shows that as men get older, they often lose sensitivit­y to the penis.

Although very subtle, this desensitiz­ation can significan­tly hinder sexual performanc­e and lead to serious problems with becoming aroused and staying/getting hard.

The cinnamalde­hyde in Sensum+® is one of the only known ingredient­s to activate a special sensation pathway on the penis called TRPA1. Once activated, it restores tremendous sensation to the penis, stimulatin­g arousal and powerful erections.

This would explain why so many users are experienci­ng impressive results so quickly and why the distributo­rs of Sensum+® offer their low cost cream with an amazing guarantee.


A large percentage of men report life changing results with Sensum+® . That’s why it is now being sold with an aboveindus­try standard guarantee.

“We can only make this guarantee because we are 100% certain this cream works,” says Klayman.

“We want to take risk off the consumers. So besides offering massive discounts, we’re also offering this guarantee, so they don’t have to risk a cent.”

Here’s how it works: Use the cream exactly as directed and you must feel a significan­t improvemen­t in sexual sensations. You must be more easily aroused with harder, longer lasting erections and be having the best sex you’ve had in years.

Otherwise, simply return the empty bottles. Then, the company will refund you directly. No questions asked.


Save 50% off Sensum+ ® now through the holiday!

To claim your readers-only discount, all you have to do is call their customer care team at 1-800431-0336.

Discounts will be automatica­lly applied to callers and, in the spirit of the Christmas, each bottle or Sensum+ ® is backed by a Full Money Back Guarantee that’s good for 90 days.

The company does urge readers to call quickly to beat the holiday rush as supplies are limited.

You can claim your 50% off discount by calling 1-800-431-0336 right now.

 ??  ?? By stimulatin­g specific sensory nerves, we can overwhelm the body with pleasure and enhance erections, too—without popping a single pill.
By stimulatin­g specific sensory nerves, we can overwhelm the body with pleasure and enhance erections, too—without popping a single pill.

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