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Denied a drink, drunken bar customer threatens staff


A Royal Oak man is facing assault and other charges after police say he threatened to return and shoot a bartender who refused to serve the intoxicate­d suspect a drink.

Staff at O’Toole’s, 205 W. Fifth Street called police Oct. 29.

They told police the suspect swore and picked up a chair like he was going to throw it at the bartender who refused to give him a drink.

“Then he made a threat that he was going to come back and shoot the (bartender) in the head,” said Royal Oak police Sgt. Timothy Brown.

The Royal Oak man ran to his house before police arrived at the bar.

Officers went to the suspect’s house and the man ran to his backyard. Police chased him and arrested him for misdemeano­r assault and battery, obstructin­g police and disorderly conduct.

The man, 49, was arraigned in Royal Oak 44th District Court and jailed on a $2,500, 10 percent, bond.

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