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Baldwin sues ‘Rust’ armorer, crew members


Alec Baldwin is suing the armorer and other people associated with the film “Rust” after he was given a loaded gun on set that fired last year, killing a cinematogr­apher. Baldwin alleges in the lawsuit that the shooting was caused by the negligence of armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was in charge of guns and ammunition on the set; assistant director Dave Halls, who handed the gun to Baldwin and said it was safe; Sarah Zachry, who was in charge of props; and Seth Kenney, who supplied the guns and ammunition on the set and assisted the armorer. Baldwin, who was sued after the shooting, “seeks to clear his name” and hold the defendants “accountabl­e for their misconduct,” according to the countercla­im filed by the actor’s attorney, Luke Nikas.

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