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Royal Oak woman arrested in hit-and-run


A Royal Oak woman drove at high speeds and fled police after they say she fled a hit-and-run accident on 10 Mile Road near Woodward Avenue.

Driving a Chevrolet Malibu, the woman sideswiped a man in another vehicle and knocked a door mirror off his car. He called police and said he followed the woman and followed her along I-75 to Eight Mile Road where he lost sight of her about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The driver got the license plate number of the fleeing vehicle. Police traced the plate number and found out it belonged to the suspect, who lives in an apartment building on Springer near Greenfield.

An officer went there and waited.

A short time later, another officer spotted the woman, 31, in her vehicle on Greenfield, but she fled from her at high speeds when he tried to stop her.

She drove on and pulled into the lot outside her apartment. The woman later told police that she didn’t stop because she was close to home and didn’t want to have her car impounded, police said.

Charges are pending against the woman for fleeing and eluding, and a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

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