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2 men charged with obstructin­g police after run-in with security guard


A security guard, 26, who works near Centennial Park called police early Nov. 4 to report he believed one of two men he had a confrontat­ion with on Troy Street had a gun. The incident happened about 1 a.m.

The two suspects, 23 and 21, first asked the security guard where people parked.

Police said the guard pointed to the nearby parking deck and the street. As the security guard walked away one of the men called him a “bitch ass,” police said, and there was confrontat­ion.

Police reviewed surveillan­ce video from City Hall of the incident and said one man carried a can of pepper spray but there was no gun.

The suspects were uncooperat­ive when police arrived and refused to give their names.

They were later charged with obstructin­g police and released on personal bond.

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