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Two women shoplifter­s at Meijer fail to make getaway in stolen U-Haul van


Two Detroit women loaded up their shopping carts with $1,320 worth of liquor, pans, a trash container, air fryer and other items they tried to steal, but were caught before they could make their getaway in a stolen U-Haul van.

Police were called to the store at 5150 Coolidge Highway on Nov. 4 after a loss prevention spotted the women putting items inside their purses and a new trash container in one of their shopping carts.

They are facing felony charges of first-degree retail fraud and receiving and concealing stolen property.

One of the women, 46, had a crack pipe in her bra and six outstandin­g traffic warrants.

The other suspect, 54, had three outstandin­g warrants for shopliftin­g in Southfield and Madison Heights.

An older man was sitting in the passenger seat of the U-Haul while the women shoplifted, police said.

Police, however, said they determined he didn’t know the women were shopliftin­g or that the van was stolen.

One of the women told police they had no idea the vehicle was stolen and had paid a man to drive them to the store, but didn’t know who he was.

The younger woman was released on personal bond, and the older one’s bond was set at $2,500, 10 percent. Police found out the van was recently stolen in Southfield.

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