Dreams of Re­al­ity

Are we re­ally awake?

RSWLiving - - Department­s - BY DOUG G ALLOGLY Doug Gal­lo­gly lives with his wife, Jackie, in Fort My­ers.

Ma­rine Sergeant Casey Still­man is fight­ing for his life in Iraq, mor­tally wounded in a pitched fire­fight. He loses con­scious­ness and wakes up in bed… with his wife. And his name is now Jack.

In Fade to Black by Jef­frey Wil­son ( Jour­nalS­tone, $ 13.95), we meet a man with an iden­tity cri­sis. Dur­ing the day he’s a teacher, with a wife and child. When he goes to sleep, he’s a Ma­rine in Iraq. He goes to work and tries to act as though noth­ing is wrong, but he sees sol­diers from his dreams walk­ing around and call­ing to him to come back. He can’t even bring him­self to tell his wife for fear that she’ll think he’s crazy.

As the two worlds be­come harder to sep­a­rate, he asks him­self, “Which life is real?” This is the ques­tion that will keep you guess­ing un­til the very end. And rest as­sured, you will stay fo­cused un­til you reach the last page. This story is def­i­nitely worth read­ing.

Au­thor Wil­son knows his sub­ject well; he’s been an ac­tor, fire­fighter, jet pi­lot, and Ma­rine com­bat sur­geon serv­ing in Iraq. He’s presently work­ing as a vas­cu­lar

sur­geon in Tampa, liv­ing with his wife and chil­dren and work­ing on his next novel.

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