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It seems like ev­ery time you turn around there is a new fla­vor of rum or vodka on store shelves or be­ing pushed as a “spe­cial” at your fa­vorite wa­ter­ing hole for happy hour. With ev­ery­thing from birth­day cake to ba­con and salty wa­ter­melon to root beer float vod­kas, the fla­vored spir­its mar­ket is one of the fastest- grow­ing and is be­ing spear­headed by younger con­sum- ers, ac­cord­ing to Dan Davies, sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive for South­ern Wine and Spir­its.

Davies says, “Young peo­ple were brought up with lots of fla­vors and candy, and they’re the ma­jor­ity drink­ing at the clubs and trendy places.” While Davies ad­mits all of th­ese fla­vors are fun, he says about peo­ple in the liquor in­dus­try, “We are all won­der­ing where and when it’s go­ing to end.”

Con­sumers of vod­kas used to have a fa­vorite brand. And while some still do, Davies says more drinkers are driven by price point and fla­vors now. Vodka has al­ways been a pop­u­lar clear spirit for mix­ing be­cause of its mild fla­vor. So what does one do with the bar­rage of new fla­vored vod­kas hit­ting the mar­ket each month?

Van Gogh is a pre­mier dis­tiller from Hol­land that in­fuses nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents in un­der­ground tanks to fla­vor its line of vod­kas. It now has ev­ery­thing from Ba­nana and Mango to PB& J and a new Dou­ble Espresso ($ 27). Burnt su­gar and Colom­bian cof­fee beans are used to cre­ate the rich fla­vors of the lat­ter, which can eas­ily be added to an af­ter- din­ner cup o’ joe or made into a Dou­ble Dutch Espresso by adding some milk or vanilla creamer and ground cin­na­mon. Shake it with some ice then serve in a mar­tini glass for dessert.

Svedka is a more af­ford­able vodka from Swe­den ($ 12) that is pack­aged with drink recipes on its la­bels. Take, for in­stance, the Strawberry Co­lada Vodka, which smells like a spring- break party in a bot­tle. A good con­coc­tion for a hol­i­day soiree would in­volve some pome­gran­ate juice, three parts to two parts Svedka Strawberry Co­lada, add a splash of OJ, shake and serve.

Another newer party fla­vor from Svedka is Orange Cream Pop. Not only does it smell like the frozen treat you would get from an ice cream truck, it tastes like it too. Add a bit of sparkling wa­ter or gin­ger ale for a re­fresh­ing drink or use in a punch for brunch.

In the fla­vored rum cat­e­gory, Cruzan ($ 15) has fifty choices, from co­conut to guava and the more re­cently re­leased Key Lime fla­vor. Here’s a great recipe for a hol­i­day sparkler: Mix equal parts Key Lime Rum and orange juice, add two dashes of bit­ters liqueur, pour into a glass, and top with cold cham­pagne to taste.

Malibu is one of the most well- known brands of fla­vored rum for its co­conut and

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