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Rug ex­pert and De­sign­ers’ Rug Cen­ter owner Chris Smith shared these in­sider tips for pur­chas­ing and main­tain­ing the per­fect rug.


Win­dow Shop: Visit stores and look at ev­ery­thing out there. “Many times people will think they know what they want, but then they will see some­thing else and change their minds,” says Smith. Trust the Source: Be com­fort­able with the store you are buy­ing from. Buy from an es­tab­lished busi­ness that’s been around a long time and will stand be­hind the rug. Try Be­fore You Buy: Take your rug for a “test run” be­fore you pur­chase. Smith of­fers free in- home rug tri­als. “We’ll even leave the rug and let the cus­tomer live with it for a few days,” he says. “If the rug grows on you and you like it more and more, then buy it.”


Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: When leav­ing home, run a hu­mid­i­fier for your rug. When leav­ing home for an ex­tended time, hire a home ser­vice to check in and en­sure there aren’t any leaks or other prob­lems that could dam­age your rug. Con­sider Cli­mate: Wool does well in trop­i­cal cli­mates. “It’s a nat­u­ral prod­uct that re­pels mois­ture,” says Smith. Ro­tate: It’s nec­es­sary to ro­tate the rug ev­ery few years. Smith pro­vides rug ro­ta­tion as a free ser­vice for his clients. Don’t Scrimp on a Rub­ber Pad: In­vest in a good rub­ber pad. Cheap pads can de­te­ri­o­rate and stick to the rug or floor.

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