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CAPT. NOAH STE­WART, FORT MY­ERS: “Catch­ing a huge sword-fish―they are so rare, it’s al­most like catch­ing a di­nosaur. Dan­ger­ous be­cause their 5-foot sword can chop off your hand. Also, see­ing a grouper the size of a Volk­swa­gen next to you in the wa­ter, what a rush!” CAPT. WES SKIN­NER, FORT MY­ERS: “My boat was in about 20 feet of wa­ter close to shore, and I turned to see a pi­lot whale longer than my boat right be­side me. It was ob­vi­ously lost. I started the en­gine and headed out to sea. It fol­lowed right be­hind me all the way out!”

CAPT. JAMES CLARK JR., FORT MY­ERS BEACH: “Six miles from shore, with three pas­sen­gers in my 22-foot boat, I saw 30 or more sharks, all kinds, feed­ing off a school of bait fish. Sud­denly we were in the mid­dle of a shark feed­ing frenzy, with them com­ing up to the side of the boat. My cus­tomers freaked out. They said, ‘Let’s get out of here,’ and so we did!”

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