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“I got low in the wa­ter and prayed, ‘Lord, please make me fast and give me agility.’ By the time I said that, he was about 2 feet away from me at full speed. When he was a foot away, it’s kinda hard to ex­plain, but it was like time had slowed down. I reached with my left hand and grabbed the soft spot un­der his jaws and pushed his head straight up in the air away from me. I used my right arm and wrapped it around the top of his jaws to keep his mouth shut. By the time I had his jaws shut, we were stom­ach to stom­ach. I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn’t twist out from my arms.

“I started to climb up the rocky bank and was keep­ing pres­sure on my arm so I didn’t bleed out. About half­way up, I yelled across for them to call the paramedics be­cause I’ve lost my arm. Af­ter I yelled to them, one of the rocks gave way and I fell into a cac­tus― yeah, it’s not bad enough I just lost my arm, now I had to fall into a cac­tus. When I got out, I was at the top of the bank. I looked around and saw a big banana spider web. When our dogs get cut in the woods, we’ll use that to stop the bleed­ing.

“I could see the con­fu­sion of the para­medic’s eyes. She said if she couldn’t see that my arm was ac­tu­ally missing, she would have prob­a­bly said I was fak­ing. She said she had never seen any­one this calm af­ter an in­jury like that. Af­ter a short ride in the am­bu­lance to the boat ramp, they trans­ferred me to a heli­copter. But the worst part about the heli­copter ride was that they wouldn’t let me look out the win­dow.”

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