Tak­ing steps to sim­plify and add more joy to life

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been think­ing lot about the way do things. You get busy and things clut­ter, af­fect­ing our feel­ings and moods. I wanted to take a hard look at my com­plete life and to fur­ther stream­line my way of do­ing things. My goal was to achieve an even hap­pier and less stress­ful life. The first thing to eval­u­ate is whether we're "go­ing through the mo­tions" each day, not re­ally aware of what we’re do­ing. Rou­tine can some­times even be help­ful. It’s eas­ier not think­ing about ty­ing your shoes or pulling on socks. But my life was a lit­tle too clut­tered with pat­terns that I came to learn were not as crit­i­cal to my hap­pi­ness as I had thought.

This new ef­fort re­lates to phys­i­cal, emo­tional and men­tal clut­ter. Per­haps too many of us are sim­ply go­ing about our daily rou­tine not re­al­iz­ing what our lives should truly be about. Life should have a pur­pose. If we place more dis­trac­tions and de­tours in our way, the less op­por­tu­nity we have to stay the course to suc­ceed, to stay up­beat and pos­i­tive. Stress leads us down so many bad streets.

I started my plan with a lit­tle ex­per­i­ment. I pur­pose­fully went through our house and re­moved 10 items from each room. You’d be shocked at what seems like a small ef­fort mak­ing such a big dif­fer­ence. It was amaz­ing that so many things had served so lit­tle pur­pose or had lost im­por­tance in our home! But more im­por­tantly, the act of clear­ing stuff also un­clut­tered my mind, that mov­ing in a clear di­rec­tion al­lowed me a more pos­i­tive out­look.

That was a first step to­ward a sim­pli­fied life. I also started turn­ing my phone off after 8 o'clock each evening, read­ing more and watch­ing less TV. What I learned is that the lit­tle things can make a big dif­fer­ence in life, that the act of aware­ness is so im­por­tant. I cer­tainly haven’t slept so well in years! My mind is clear, my spirit calm­ing, my blood pres­sure down and my out­look as sunny as Florida.

What is most ob­vi­ous is that mul­ti­task­ing is not nec­es­sar­ily good, that you may not be a bet­ter, more pro­duc­tive per­son. Lit­er­ally stop­ping to smell the flow­ers, fo­cus­ing on what is hap­pen­ing now, I now en­joy a re­ju­ve­nated fo­cus and en­ergy.

Our lives these days are so over­crowded with clut­ter―so many things to ac­com­plish, so many ma­te­rial items we feel we re­ally need (but most likely don’t) and so many out­side in­flu­ences run­ning around in­side our head, which can be over­whelm­ing. We’d all do well to do a lit­tle de­clut­ter­ing, not only in a phys­i­cal sense, but in our mind­set as well. We need to work on dis­cov­er­ing what’s re­ally im­por­tant and what could be set aside or tossed out al­to­gether. Free­ing your­selves to think more clearly by fo­cus­ing on fewer things, and I’ll bet we all find that what we are do­ing is be­ing done more pur­pose­fully … and with bet­ter end re­sults.

Change scares ev­ery­one, that’s just hu­man na­ture. And we’re all taught to get as much from life as pos­si­ble. But the true de­light is work­ing and liv­ing smarter, find­ing ful­fill­ment in get­ting by with less stuff, putting more into your­self and those around you who you love.

I in­vite you to open our Arts, De­sign & Fash­ion issue, hope­fully to in­spire and maybe freshen the spa­ces in your life that may need a bit of at­ten­tion.

Free­ing your­selves to think more clearly by fo­cus­ing on fewer things, and I’ll bet we all find that what we are do­ing is be­ing done more pur­pose­fully … and with bet­ter end re­sults.

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