Mom's Christ­mas Cake

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3/4 pound brown su­gar 3/4 pound but­ter 6 eggs 1 pound flour 1 pound sul­tanas 1 pound cur­rants 1/4 pound raisins 6 ounces can­died peel 2 ounces cher­ries 1/4 pound chopped al­monds 1/2 tea­spoon spice 2 ta­ble­spoons dark trea­cle 1 glass brandy (op­tional) Al­mond paste


Beat the but­ter and su­gar to a cream, add each egg sep­a­rately, and beat un­til the mix­ture is stiff and uni­form. Stir in the flour, chopped al­monds, fruit, trea­cle and brandy (if used). Spread in a tin well-lined with greased pa­per. Bake for 6 hours, 20 min­utes at 250 de­grees (3.45 hours for half quan­tity). Leave for 2 weeks be­fore cov­er­ing with al­mond paste. When set, cover with ic­ing.

Al­mond Paste

1/2 pound ground al­monds 3/4 pound ic­ing su­gar (or half ic­ing and caster su­gar) Few drops of al­mond essence Egg yolk


Mix ground al­monds and su­gar to­gether, add al­mond essence and eggs and mix into a stiff paste. Turn out on a board and work by hand into smooth paste. Leave for 24 hours, be­fore putting on the white ic­ing.

Royal Ic­ing

1 pound ic­ing su­gar 1 tea­spoon le­mon juice A lit­tle al­mond essence 2 egg whites


Crush su­gar, add le­mon juice and essence. Add un­beaten egg whites one at a time un­til mix­ture is the proper consistenc­y. Ap­ply over al­mond paste.

At right is the orig­i­nal recipe hand­writ­ten on onion skin pa­per by Pa­tri­cia Os­tle’s fa­ther.

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