What’s Cook­ing in SWFL

What's cook­ing in SWFL

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1 LOB­STER MASHED POTA­TOES Restau­rant: Ocean Prime Serves 4-6

3 ounces lob­ster meat 3 ta­ble­spoons pa­prika but­ter (1 stick but­ter whipped in mixer with ½ ta­ble­spoon pa­prika) 12 ounces Ocean Prime Whipped Pota­toes (See recipe be­low) 1 ounce cream or milk 1 ounce un­salted but­ter ¼ tea­spoon kosher salt ¼ tea­spoon chives 1 pinch pa­prika

Sauté lob­ster meat in 2 ta­ble­spoons pa­prika but­ter. In sep­a­rate pan, mix mashed pota­toes, 1 ta­ble­spoon pa­prika but­ter and cream. Put mashed pota­toes in a dish with lob­ster meat and ex­tra but­ter on top. Gar­nish with chives and pa­prika.

Ocean Prime Whipped Pota­toes

8 cups Idaho pota­toes 12 cups cold wa­ter ½ cup cream or milk 2 sticks un­salted but­ter 1 ta­ble­spoon kosher salt ⅛ ta­ble­spoon white pep­per

Peel and halve pota­toes, then place in pot with the wa­ter. Bring to a sim­mer. Cook un­til pota­toes are fork ten­der through­out. Im­me­di­ately drain pota­toes and al­low to steam for 3 min­utes. While pota­toes steam, heat but­ter and cream in small saucepan un­til but­ter melts. Whip pota­toes in mixer for 30 sec­onds alone, then add about ¾ of the but­ter and cream mix­ture. Con­tinue mix­ing slowly, then in­crease speed, whipping air into pota­toes to give them vol­ume. Add re­main­ing liq­uid as you mix, if needed. Inn on Fifth, 699 5th Ave. South, Naples; 239-430-0404; ocean-prime.com



4 por­tions (6 ounces each) bone­less/ skin­less grouper ½ cup black­en­ing sea­son­ing 1 tea­spoon cin­na­mon 4 ounces olive oil


3 sweet pota­toes, peeled, ½-inch diced ½ red pep­per, ½-inch diced ½ green pep­per, ½-inch diced ½ red onion diced 1 ta­ble­spoon Old Bay Sea­son­ing Fresh ground pep­per to taste 6 ounces olive oil 8 ounces cooked and roughly chopped lob­ster meat


8 ounces frozen pack­aged cran­ber­ries Zest and juice of one or­ange ½ cup or­ange juice (if needed) ½ cup su­gar

If de­sired, prep rel­ish a day in ad­vance. Place thawed cran­ber­ries in blender or food pro­ces­sor. Add juice of or­ange, and su­gar. Pulse un­til well chopped. Add ad­di­tional or­ange juice to pref­er­ence. Place in bowl and add zest. Re­frig­er­ate. For fish, mix black­en­ing spice and cin­na­mon to­gether. Blend well. Gen­er­ously sea­son flesh side of fil­let. Place 12-inch skil­let on medium-to-high heat and add oil. Add fish when oil starts to smoke. Once fish is nicely golden brown, about 5 to 6 min­utes, flip and cook 2 to 3 min­utes. Place fish on cookie sheet and in 400-de­gree oven for about 6 to 8 min­utes, un­til fish is opaque. For hash, add oil to 12-inch skil­let over medium-to-high heat. Add sweet pota­toes just as oil starts to smoke. Wait 2 to 3 min­utes, then turn to achieve golden brown on all sides of sweet pota­toes. Add pep­pers, onions and Old Bay. Cook for an­other 3 to 4 min­utes, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally. Pull off stove­top and add lob­ster meat. Spread on cookie sheet and place in pre­heated 400-de­gree oven for 15 min­utes. 1715 Cape Coral Park­way West, Cape Coral; 239-471-0136; lob­ster­la­dyseafood.com


Restau­rant: Bi­mini Bait Shack

Serves 1

2 ounces Pusser’s Rum 2 ounces pineap­ple juice 2 ounces or­ange juice 1 ounce Coco López Dash of nut­meg Fresh or­ange wedge and a cherry

Com­bine liq­uid in­gre­di­ents in shaker tin with ice. Shake well and pour, with ice, into 16-ounce glass. Fin­ish with dash of nut­meg on top. Gar­nish with or­ange wedge and cherry.

17501 Har­bour Pointe Drive, Fort My­ers; 239-360-2248; bi­mini­bait­shack.com


Restau­rant: Bi­mini Bait Shack

Serves 10

2½ pounds ground beef 2 eggs ½ cup milk ½ cup ketchup ¼ cup bread­crumbs ½ tea­spoon salt ½ tea­spoon black ground pep­per

Pre­heat oven to 400 de­grees. Coat large bak­ing pan with non-stick cook­ing spray. Put all in­gre­di­ents in a bowl and mix well. Place mix­ture in bak­ing pan and cook for 90 min­utes. Cut down the mid­dle length­wise, then across. Re­move slices from pan and plate warm. Serve with your fa­vorite sides such as mashed pota­toes and fresh steamed veg­eta­bles.

15271 Mc­Gre­gor Blvd., Fort My­ers; 239-466-9493; nickand­stel­las.com


Restau­rant: Sails

Serves 3


1 cup Nishiki rice ½ ounce olive oil 1 ounce chopped truf­fle 4½ ounces truf­fle juice 4½ ounces dashi Truf­fle salt to taste 1 ta­ble­spoon but­ter Parch­ment pa­per

Lightly coat parch­ment pa­per with but­ter. Wash rice thor­oughly. Heat olive oil in medium-sized sauce pot over medium heat. Add chopped truf­fle with small pinch of salt. Stir to avoid any color from de­vel­op­ing. Add rice and stir well to fully in­cor­po­rate truf­fle, then add dashi and 3½ ounces of truf­fle juice. (Re­serve 1 ounce for coat­ing rice be­fore plat­ing.) Cover with the parch­ment pa­per and prop­erly fit­ting lid. Cook rice gen­tly over low-to-medium heat un­til all liq­uid is ab­sorbed, then re­move from heat. Let sit for 10 to 20 min­utes at room tem­per­a­ture.

Cit­rus Truf­fle Emulsion

1 ounce chopped shal­lot 6 ounces dashi 6 ounces truf­fle juice ½ ounce freshly squeezed le­mon juice ½ cup but­ter 1 whole egg and 1 yolk Pi­ment d’Espelette

In a saucepan, com­bine shal­lots, dashi, truf­fle and le­mon juices. Re­duce over medium heat un­til 2 ounces re­main. Melt but­ter un­til small bub­bles froth on the sur­face. Place eggs in blender to mix; slowly add dashi/truf­fle re­duc­tion, then the but­ter un­til sauce thick­ens. Sea­son with truf­fle salt, pi­ment d’Espelette and le­mon juice to taste.


9 cleaned fresh, high-qual­ity scal­lops (3 per per­son) 1 ounce grape­seed oil But­ter Meyer le­mon, 1 slice per serv­ing

Let scal­lops rest at room tem­per­a­ture 30 min­utes be­fore cook­ing. Heat grape­seed oil in a sauté pan sized to ac­com­mo­date scal­lops. Sea­son scal­lops in pan with sea salt. Care­fully place scal­lops in pan to a loud siz­zle but with no smoke or steam ris­ing. Lift each scal­lop to check color. They should be a light golden brown evenly across the sur­face. Re­move from pan. Dis­card sear­ing oil.

Add 1 or 2 ounces but­ter plus slice of le­mon and re­turn scal­lops to pan, seared side up. As but­ter melts and be­gins froth­ing, spoon it over the sur­face of scal­lops, main­tain­ing heat so but­ter con­tin­ues froth­ing and stays golden. Con­tinue this process, turn­ing over scal­lops twice. Insert a cake tester (thin metal skewer) into a scal­lop’s cen­ter, then touch skewer on your wrist or cheek. When skewer is no­tice­ably warm, re­move scal­lops from pan. Sea­son with olive oil and le­mon juice, plus a pinch of salt.

Heat re­main­ing 1 ounce of truf­fle juice with equal amount of dashi un­til it sim- mers. Add rice and stir rapidly to coat evenly. Con­tinue un­til rice is very hot. Ad­just con­sis­tency with a lit­tle dashi as de­sired, then fin­ish with olive oil and sea salt (or truf­fle salt if avail­able). Heat plates, make two rice quenelles for each per­son and set on plates. Place scal­lops around rice with sauce to the side. Sails gar­nishes with shaved, cooked turnips. 301 5th Ave. South, Naples; 239-360-2000; sail­srestau­rants.com

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