SAIL - - Experience Under Sail -

1: Size does mat­ter when it comes to out­boards in pro­por­tion to your ves­sel and the con­di­tions. A 2hp was clearly not ad­e­quate for Lake On­tario on a 21ft sail­boat

2: Know­ing how and when to reef the main­sail would’ve been in­valu­able: I learned and ap­plied the prac­tice after this ex­pe­ri­ence. Leav­ing a small amount of sail up for sta­bil­ity is bet­ter than hav­ing no sail at all

3: Life­lines aren’t just for an oc­ca­sional hand while mak­ing your way to the bow. Set­ting up jack­lines, teth­ers and har­nesses could have been life­sav­ing had I not caught my­self when I got knocked down. We had run MOB drills prior to our jour­ney, but they would have been use­less in the dark, rough wa­ters of Lake On­tario. A life jacket would have kept me afloat, but suc­cumb­ing to hy­pother­mia would have been likely if I could not be sighted and re­trieved

4: Lake On­tario can turn dan­ger­ous quickly, es­pe­cially at night: I should have had more prac­tice and ex­pe­ri­ence be­fore sail­ing in the dark

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