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A ba­sic NMEA net­work is com­prised of a num­ber of dou­bleended cord­sets, tees, a 12v power sup­ply ca­ble and two ter­mi­na­tion re­sis­tors. Every de­vice which con­nects to the net­work is con­nected to the net­work “back­bone” with a tee and a ded­i­cated “drop ca­ble.” Power is sup­plied to the net­work with a spe­cial power sup­ply ca­ble which con­nects with a tee to the back­bone. Fi­nally, a ter­mi­na­tion re­sis­tor is re­quired to be plugged into the back­bone at ei­ther end.

NMEA 2000 net­works use tech­nol­ogy that was de­vel­oped for the elec­tronic con­trols in au­to­mo­biles. A prop­erly de­signed and in­stalled N2K net­work will pro­vide a very ro­bust foun­da­tion for the in­ter­com­mu­ni­ca­tion of your ship sys­tems.

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