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Last month we scraped the bot­tom clean of bar­na­cles, and now with the boat back in the wa­ter, the depth­sounder no longer works. It won’t even turn on. Any ideas? T. Talbert, Havre de Grace, MD


Care­fully scrap­ing off sea growth on a trans­ducer face would not cause your sounder to just quit com­pletely, so what you need to do is get out your volt­meter and check for 12 volts DC at the in­put plug or nearby power ter­mi­nals. Af­ter that, check the fuse. Be warned, the trans­ducer ex­perts at Air­mar tell me that light clean­ing of the trans­ducer face is good, but pound­ing those sea crea­tures off with a chisel might dis­rupt the phased-ar­ray trans­ducer faces if a gouge oc­curs. Still, for the equip­ment to not even turn on, some­thing else is clearly at work. Again, time to break out the volt­meter and make sure you have a good 12 volts get­ting through.

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