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I am a decades-long power­boater (sorry) with ex­pe­ri­ence on the Great Lakes as well as the Gulf of Mex­ico. I’m old(er) now and am en­joy­ing my peace and quiet with a loved but old 27ft sloop. I know how to make it do what’s nec­es­sary, but I know I need some help. I am bud­get­ing a trip to a sail­ing school for next spring, but want to im­prove my vo­cab­u­lary first. “Pull on the rope there” won’t cut it. Is there a sail­ing dic­tionary I could study that has all th­ese terms (with pic­tures!) or­ga­nized for an old cat to learn new tricks?

— Ryan Cor­man, Fargo, ND

It’s some­what an­cient and long since out of print, but we’d rec­om­mend Royce’s Sail­ing Il­lus­trated. It’s not a dic­tionary, per se, but it is chock full of terms, ideas and ex­pres­sions—a great pic­ture book for just leaf­ing through on a rainy day, with tons of fun ar­cane facts along with pretty much ev­ery sail­ing term you could ever imag­ine. Oth­er­wise, Sail­ing for Dum­mies is a good primer, and not just for dum­mies!—Eds. (PS: In this month’s Gear sec­tion, there’s also some in­for­ma­tion on a set of ref­er­ence cards that may in­ter­est you.)

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