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It’s not worth spend­ing money on an en­gine sur­vey. Fun­da­men­tally, all you need to know with an en­gine of this age is whether or not it fires up re­li­ably from a cold start (make sure it is cold), and whether or not it over­heats when fully loaded. If it fires up, it will likely con­tinue to do so for some time to come. And if it doesn’t over­heat then the cool­ing sys­tem is not plugged. Of course, with an en­gine of this age you could have a cat­a­strophic fail­ure at any time (e.g. the cylin­der walls cor­rod­ing through). How­ever, if you do have any sig­nif­i­cant prob­lems, it is not worth try­ing to re­pair, since an en­gine of this size and horse­power rat­ing is not that out­ra­geously ex­pen­sive to re­place. Ul­ti­mately, I would sug­gest your de­ci­sion is largely de­pen­dent on your own psy­chol­ogy. If you are a bit of a risk taker and can re­lax with this old en­gine and oth­er­wise love the boat and the price is good, I would go for it. If, on the other hand, the en­gine is go­ing to cause a con­tin­u­ous nag­ging doubt, then it’s go­ing to spoil your fun and may not be worth it. s

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