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I am writ­ing to ask for more in­for­ma­tion about an ar­ti­cle, For Whom The Bait Trolls by Charles J. Doane (May). It de­scribes a setup for fish­ing while on a pas­sage that I can­not seem to vi­su­al­ize. Could you pro­vide a sketch or pic­ture of how the line is rigged? — Bill Roberts, Irvine, CA Happy to oblige! These pho­tos should clar­ify things. The first one shows my han­d­line on a cock­pit floor with both ends ex­posed. The work­ing end has two rub­ber squid lures crimped onto 200lb monofil­a­ment. The other end is a bungee cord with a snaphook on it. None of the line is at­tached to the plas­tic yo-yo (on which it is coiled when stowed, as shown), and the yo-yo is set aside when the line is de­ployed.

The sec­ond photo shows the line de­ployed. The clothes­pin is clipped onto the monofil­a­ment right where it is lashed on to the end of the bungee cord (the monofil­a­ment lead­ing aft be­hind the boat is not vis­i­ble here) and holds it on a life­line D-ring on the pul­pit rail. The bungee cord is left hang­ing in a loose bight, with its snaphook clipped on to a life­line. When a fish hits the lure, the clothes­pin pops off, and the line and bungee cord go taut. The loose bight of bungee and its great elas­tic­ity ab­sorb the shock of the strike.

— Charles J. Doane


Your June ar­ti­cle, Light Air Sail­ing by Ru­pert Holmes was ex­cel­lent. We could have used these tips while sail­ing an overnight race from Mil­ford, Con­necti­cut to Faulkn­ers Is­land and back. We had nice winds till we got to Faulkn­ers, but as it got dark, the wind dropped to noth­ing. When dawn ar­rived and the tide turned back to­ward the fin­ish line, we all started drift­ing with the tide. Us­ing in­cense sticks to find any air, we re­al­ized that the ap­par­ent wind cre­ated by the 3 or 4 knot tide was fill­ing our sails. This en­abled us to in­crease our speed over ground even more than the cur­rent; a rare but mem­o­rable ex­pe­ri­ence. — Will Finch, Read­ing, MA Want to share some­thing with other read­ers? Write to us at sail­[email protected]­ Let­ters may be edited for brevity.

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