SAIL - - Under Sail -

1. We un­der­es­ti­mated the chal­lenges of wa­ters with un­known bot­toms and ex­posed beaches and an­chor­ages.

2. We landed our dinghy in surf and found it’s a hell of a job row­ing back out through waves to calm wa­ters.

3. I tied lousy knots.

4. With an un­known bot­tom, we should have rigged a trip line to the an­chor. (Al­though the diver who even­tu­ally re­cov­ered the an­chor re­ported it so fouled even a trip line was un­likely to re­solve the prob­lem.)

5. We over­loaded the en­gine in fu­tile at­tempts to dis­lodge the an­chor.

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