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Deal­ing with a heavy 50-amp shore­power cord can be like try­ing to wran­gle a re­luc­tant python—it goes ev­ery­where ex­cept where you want it to, es­pe­cially in cold weather. Smart­plug’s new Su­per­flex50 125/250V cable set puts an end to that. Un­plug from the pedestal and the cord will want to coil it­self into this eas­ily stowed roll, which is avail­able in 25ft or 50ft lengths. Also in­cluded is the Smart­plug con­nec­tor and in­let, a vast im­prove­ment over the usual three-pin setup that comes stan­dard with most cord­sets. $633 (50ft cord­set). Smart­plug, smart­

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