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The let­ter by Capt. Char­lie Hent­gens (June) was the sec­ond men­tion of the Pa­trick O’Brian books about Jack Aubrey in SAIL this year. How­ever, the only other men­tioned au­thor of sim­i­lar books was Ju­lian Stock­well. I have read and en­joyed all of the Aubrey se­ries and think it would be a ser­vice to your read­ers to men­tion some of the other au­thors of the nau­ti­cal ad­ven­ture genre. In­ter­ested read­ers should check out Dewey Lamb­din, C. North­cote Parkin­son, V.A. Stu­art, Fred­er­ick Mar­ryat, Richard Wood­man, Dud­ley Pope, Richard Wood­man, James Nel­son and, the great­est of them all, C.S. Forester and his Ho­ra­tio Horn­blower sto­ries. — David Peter­son, Wild­wood, MO

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