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Some sur­vey­ors rec­om­mend cruis­ing sailors in­stall a clutch-op­er­ated bilge pump that runs di­rectly off the boat’s en­gine. That way, you’ll have a re­li­able, high-ca­pac­ity pump that re­quires no fickle elec­tri­cal con­nec­tions. (Large elec­tric pumps can draw 20-30amps, so it’s likely that you’ll need to run the en­gine any­way.) Xylem makes a range un­der its Jab­sco brand, which runs from 1,470 gpm to 4,100 gpm. They run off a belt and pulley at­tached to the en­gine’s crankshaft, just like the al­ter­na­tor, with a man­ual clutch to en­gage and dis­en­gage. An­other op­tion is a stand­alone gaso­linepow­ered pump, like Honda’s WX10TA, which can shift 1,920 gph through its 1in dis­charge hose.

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