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Embarking on the open water is an exhilarati­ng experience,

lled with the promise of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a weekend cruiser, safeguardi­ng your vessel with proper insurance is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. Explore the reasons why every boat owner should prioritize boat insurance for a worry-free voyage. Unpredicta­ble waters

The open water can be unpredicta­ble, with unexpected storms, collisions, or other potential accidents. Boat insurance can give you

nancial protection if there is damage to your vessel, providing coverage for repairs or replacemen­t.

Damage and injury

Accidents on the water can result in damage to other boats, docks, or even injuries to passengers. Boat insurance offers liability coverage, which can pay for damages or injuries you’re liable for while boating, up to speci

ed limits, and lawsuit costs if you’re sued. This includes damage you cause to another watercraft or if someone on or near your boat is injured and you’re found to be legally responsibl­e.

Theft and vandalism

Unfortunat­ely, boat theft and vandalism are realities that boat owners face. Boat insurance has comprehens­ive and collision coverage that can protect you against events outside of your control, including theft and vandalism.

Incurred medical payments

Accidents on the water may lead to injuries for you or your passengers. Boat insurance offers a range of optional medical payments coverage limits, helping to cover medical expenses if you are in an accident or someone is hurt on your boat, regardless of fault.

Peace of mind for €nancing

If you

nanced the purchase of your boat, most lenders require insurance coverage to protect their investment. Having boat insurance not only ful

lls these requiremen­ts but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your

nancial interests are safeguarde­d.

Navigation­al ‚exibility

Some water municipali­ties and marinas may require proof of insurance for docking or accessing certain areas. Boat insurance allows you the „exibility to explore different destinatio­ns without worrying about entry restrictio­ns.

Emergency towing and assistance

Progressiv­e boat insurance can include optional Sign & Glide® On-water Towing coverage. If your boat is disabled or breaks down on the water, Sign & Glide® pays for on-water towing, jump starts, soft un-groundings, and fuel delivery.

Wreckage removal

If your boat sinks, Progressiv­e boat insurance will cover the cost of removing your boat from the water (if removal is legally required). Investing in boat insurance is not just about protecting a valuable asset; it’s about safeguardi­ng the memories, experience­s, and joy that come with your on-water adventures. Don’t let unforeseen circumstan­ces disrupt your journey—navigate with con

dence, knowing that Progressiv­e boat insurance has you covered. Ensure a smooth and worry-free voyage, because when it comes to your boat, peace of mind is the ultimate luxury.

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