Seven Keys to Match-rac­ing Suc­cess in Fleet Rac­ing

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Make the other boat start late. Push it be­hind the pin or com­mit­tee boat. From your point of view, you must play from the inside out on the start. Your safest zone is in the wind­ward half of the start­ing line but inside the com­mit­tee boat lay­line, eight to 10 lengths low of the line.

Gain the first cross to con­trol. Never let your op­po­nent feel free, which will give them hope and make the race harder for you. If you are be­hind, do not en­gage with your op­po­nent un­til later in the beat.

When you round the wind­ward mark, work to cre­ate the max­i­mum gap be­tween you and your op­po­nent so that you can hold your po­si­tion downwind. Downwind, sail fast and pro­tect star­board. You will get in trou­ble if you try to do too much. When you’re in front, your goal is to stay in front. If you try to get clever, you will get passed, or at least be forced to take an even split at the gates.

At the lee­ward mark, take your spin­naker down early and at­tempt to slow your op­po­nent. This of­ten catches him by sur­prise. If they are still car­ry­ing their kite, they might foul you. If be­hind, this is a great chance to split gates and sail free for the first part of the sec­ond beat.

The sec­ond up­wind leg is another good chance to slow them and keep close con­trol by sit­ting on their wind.

On the fi­nal downwind leg, work to stay in front, or if be­hind, try to pass.

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