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The rigged cone­shaped float from Coastal Corks (coastal-corks .com), avail­able in black, or­ange, pink or white, comes fit­ted with monofil­a­ment line run­ning through the cen­ter and a pearl-white bead on top and bot­tom. Be­neath the lower bead, a pre-rigged lead weight both in­creases cast­ing dis­tance and helps pro­duce a sig­nif­i­cant baloop on the re­trieve. On the bot­tom of the float, tie 24 inches of monofil­a­ment leader and add a jig, spoon, or live or dead bait. Here’s how it works: Cast the rig, then pop the cork on the re­trieve to cause com­mo­tion. Fish in­ves­ti­gate the noise, see the bait and eat it. It’s a sim­ple con­cept that has caught thou­sands of trout along the Gulf Coast from Mis­sis­sippi to Texas.

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