PushPole Tips:

Saltwater Sportsman - - Float Plan / Boat Talk -

1. Buy the light­est pole you can af­ford. Less weight means less ef­fort and fewer sore mus­cles.

2. If your boat has a pol­ing plat­form, an 18to 21-foot pole is fine for wa­ter 5 feet or shal­lower. If you fish deeper wa­ter, opt for a 23- or 24-footer. A longer pole al­lows more hand-over­hand propulsion with­out pick­ing the pole back up, re­duc­ing both ef­fort and noise.

3. Thin­ner is bet­ter. A smaller di­am­e­ter cre­ates less drag in the wa­ter, also re­duc­ing the ef­fort and the noise.

4. A pole with some flex helps sling­shot the boat for­ward in shal­low wa­ter.

5. A stiffer pole is often con­sid­ered bet­ter for deeper wa­ter of 5 feet or more.

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