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I find it trou­bling to see cli­mate hys­te­ria and re­lated po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness work­ing its way into the pages of Salt Wa­ter Sports­man.

Many re­mem­ber when global cool­ing and a re­turn of the Ice Age was the rage of the 1970s. Con­sen­sus­driven sci­en­tific mod­els demon­strated that glaciers would be work­ing their de­struc­tive path as far south as Nor­folk, Vir­ginia.

When the global cool­ing myth could no longer be sus­tained, an­other form of cli­mate hys­te­ria arose. This time it was called global warm­ing with all kinds of threats at­tached to it. Surely, we were liv­ing on the edge of de­struc­tion caused by hu­man ac­tiv­ity and green­house gases. Time was short and im­me­di­ate ac­tion was re­quired in the form of more gov­ern­ment reg­u­la­tion and a larger pay­roll of bu­reau­crats.

Now a grow­ing num­ber of in­de­pen­dent sci­en­tists are ac­knowl­edg­ing that any warm­ing is in­signif­i­cant, if it even ex­ists. Ear­lier dooms­day sci­en­tific warm­ing mod­els have been dis­cred­ited over time, and present-day, threat­en­ing fu­ture pro­jec­tions are be­com­ing less cred­i­ble. So, an­other cause is born and “cli­mate change” is the new takeover term go­ing for­ward.

Surely, as sports­men we must al­ways be vig­i­lant and pro­tec­tive of our en­vi­ron­ment. How­ever, the real prob­lem isn’t global warm­ing or cli­mate change. It’s too many peo­ple, sci­en­tists and others too de­pen­dent on per­pet­u­at­ing a cli­mate hys­te­ria nar­ra­tive.

Wil­liam E. Sut­ter Langhorne, Penn­syl­va­nia

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