Pan-roasted Tile­fish with Savoy Cab­bage and Mush­rooms and Oys­ter-cham­pagne Cream Sauce


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En­hanced with oys­ters and gin­ger, this ver­sion of a clas­sic French sauce per­fectly com­ple­ments the sweet fla­vor and firm but ten­der tex­ture of the tile­fish, while the cab­bage and mush­rooms add an earthy fin­ish­ing touch.

In­gre­di­ents Tile­fish

• 4 6-ounce fil­lets with skin on

• 2 sprigs thyme or rose­mary

• Canola oil

• Salt

• 2 ta­ble­spoons but­ter


• 4 cups cham­pagne

• 3⁄ cup cream 4

• 1 pound but­ter

• 1 dozen oys­ters

• 1 cup shal­lots (sliced)

• 1⁄ cup gin­ger 4 (sliced)

• 1⁄ cup pep­per8 corns


• 1 pound savoy cab­bage (stems re­moved)

• 1⁄ cup mush­rooms 2 (hedge­hog, cri­m­ini or baby bella)

• 1⁄ ta­ble­spoon 2 but­ter

• Salt


1. Place shal­lots, gin­ger, pep­per­corns and 1 ta­ble­spoon of but­ter in a sauce pan at medium heat for three to five min­utes, mix­ing well. 2. Add cham­pagne and oys­ters with their liq­uid, then re­duce the cham­pagne un­til au sec (al­most dry). 3. Strain out the shal­lots, gin­ger, pep­per­corns and oys­ters (set oys­ters aside), add cream, then salt to taste. 4. Add but­ter in­cre­men­tally, whisk­ing slowly in the same di­rec­tion to emul­sify the sauce. 5. Drop eight oys­ters (two per serv­ing) back in the sauce and pull from heat.


1. Sauté mush­rooms in but­ter, then pull pan from heat. 2. Have ice-wa­ter bath ready to shock cab­bage. 3. Boil wa­ter and drop in cab­bage for one to two min­utes, take it out while still bright green and drop in ice-wa­ter bath to stop the cook­ing process, then squeeze wa­ter out and set aside.

4. Drop cab­bage into sauté pan with the mush­rooms, add 2 or 3 ta­ble­spoons of sauce and heat slowly, mix­ing well for two min­utes.


1. Place fish fil­lets (skin down) in a pre­heated pan with canola oil (smok­ing slightly), sea­son with salt, and cook two to three min­utes. 2. Place the pan with the fil­lets in a 300-de­gree oven for five or six min­utes. 3. Pull fish from oven, place on stove-top on medium, add but­ter and sprigs of thyme or rose­mary, then baste with melted but­ter for two or three min­utes. 4. Pull from heat and plate each fil­let with two oys­ters (from the sauce) on top. 5. Serve por­tion of cab­bage and mush­room mix next to each fil­let, add an­other oys­ter for gar­nish, then spoon sauce over the fish.

Au Sec: Cook cham­pagne sauce down un­til al­most dry.

Veg­gie Side: Plate veg­gies first, the fish next, sauce last.

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