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In the Ba­hamas, San Salvador and Cat Is­land host a spec­tac­u­lar wa­hoo bite dur­ing the fall and win­ter months. A num­ber of world records have been recorded in those waters. But ex­cel­lent ac­tion also oc­curs off Grand Ba­hama’s West End, along the western edges of the Grand and Lit­tle Ba­hama banks, and the Navy buoys in the Tongue of the Ocean, in front of An­dros.

A spread of five Ilan­ders with rigged bal­ly­hoo, two off plan­ers 20 to 30 feet down, works won­ders on Ba­hamian wa­hoo.

A neat trick en­hances the ef­fec­tive­ness of the of­fer­ings in the spread: Rather than troll straight along a dropoff or ledge, fol­low a zigzag pat­tern, al­ter­nat­ing 20-de­gree turns to both sides. This ma­neu­ver al­lows the baits on the in­side of ev­ery turn to slow down a bit and also sink a lit­tle be­fore they again speed up and surge to­ward the sur­face as the boat straight­ens.

1. Iland and bal­ly­hoo 250 feet, off a gun­wale rod. 2. Same lure and bait 200 feet back, off op­po­site gun­wale. 3. Two more lures and baits 150 and 100 feet back, both be­hind No. 12, 16 or 24 plan­ers on bent-butt rods off tran­som cor­ners. 4. Smoker lure 350 feet back, off tower or hard­top.

FYI: Best speed is 6 to 9 knots. Fish Joe Shute Cruis­ers or Flat Lin­ers on gun­wale lines and add cigar sinkers, if choppy.

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