Saltwater Sportsman - - Essential Skills -

Few baits draw at­ten­tion from feed­ing fish like a shrimp, ei­ther alive or dead. When you need to fish a shrimp deep, of course add weight to the line or the leader. This works fine for soak­ing or drift­ing, but of­ten you get bet­ter re­sults by cast­ing and swim­ming the shrimp back. When the depth of the wa­ter dic­tates the shrimp needs to get down and you want to be able to still ma­nip­u­late it on the re­trieve, rig it on a jig. The tried-and-true Troll-rite was made for this, but al­most any jig works if rigged prop­erly. Run the hook point up through the bot­tom of the head and out the top, tak­ing care to avoid the dark spot. Hit that and the shrimp dies. For a bet­ter re­trieve, break off the tail to pre­vent the shrimp from spin­ning, and re­lease scent.

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