Saltwater Sportsman - - Essential Skills -

Use the line to ap­ply max­i­mum pres­sure to a big fish on a fly rod. With a slight bend in the rod, just enough for shock ab­sorp­tion, put the rod butt on your off-side hip and wind down with the reel, ap­ply­ing pres­sure with the line a. Once the line is tight, hold the reel han­dle in place, and with the rod butt still on your hip, ro­tate your body to bend the rod deep into the butt sec­tion B. With a lit­tle back­yard prac­tice, you’ll learn to pres­sure the tip­pet to just below the break­ing point, min­i­miz­ing fight time, which is far bet­ter for the fish than a pro­longed bat­tle.

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