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Latest adventures of ‘Frasier’ among new DVD releases


The return of a beloved sitcom character tops the DVD releases for Tuesday.

“Frasier”: Kelsey Grammer is back in the title role in this Paramount+ reboot of the long-running series that sees Frasier Crane relocate to Boston and living with Freddy, his nowadult son.

“Grammer, for his part, looks remarkably unchanged from the character as remembered,” writes Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd in his review. “And Grammer is so completely Frasier — a deceptivel­y unsentimen­tal character in a basically sentimenta­l show — that the new edition, for all its innovation­s, wraps itself comfortabl­y around him.”

New on DVD

“Betty’s Bad Luck in Love”: A woman tempts the childhood curse that thwarts her romantic efforts one more time when she falls for a new man in this rom-com.

“Chasing Raine”: Action thriller in which parents who also happen to be special forces soldiers must save their daughter from the clutches of human


“Fitting In”: Canadian coming-of-age film about a teen girl navigating life following the diagnosis of a rare reproducti­ve disorder.

“Three Revolution­ary Films by Ousmane Sembène”: This theedisc set from the Criterion Collection includes new 4K digital restoratio­ns of the Senegalese director’s ’70s movies “Emitaï,” “Xala” and “Ceddo.”

On digital HD

“Darkness of Man”: Action flick starring Jean Claude Van Damme as a washed-up operative who has vowed to protect the son of a slain informant.

“Relative”: A family converges for a college graduation party, testing and strengthen­ing bonds in the process, in this drama.

 ?? Paramount+ ?? Kelsey Grammer returns as Frasier Crane in the “Frasier” reboot.
Paramount+ Kelsey Grammer returns as Frasier Crane in the “Frasier” reboot.

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