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California still beats every other place


My dad was a sharecropp­er outside a small town in Mississipp­i and that was where I was born and raised. We were so bad off that poor folk felt sorry for us.

I left there in 1957 for the military when I turned 17. Shortly afterwards, I was sent to Japan for the most culture shock that could be imagined and then on to Korea for another stint.

After the military, I attended a trade school and afterwards landed a terrific job traveling to many parts of the world for work with my specialty training.

I was sent to several countries that have changed names and no longer exist, and then, of course, to most of the states near and far from California.

My background was just to let you know that I have seen some things. Most people will see other places on TV and think how marvelous they must be and why don’t we move there?

California’s taxes are very high, homes are really expensive, the roads are terrible and food is outrageous­ly expensive. California is horrible.

But do you think for a hot minute I am leaving? Think again. There is not one single place on this planet that I would rather live. I absolutely love it here and with that said, I am off to the beach. You coming or packing?

Garland McQuinn, Bay Park

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