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San Francisco Chronicle - Late Edition (Sunday) - - NATION - By Mar­shall Kil­duff. Email: mk­il­[email protected]­i­ Twit­ter: @mar­shal­lk­il­duff

1: Santa Cruz is launch­ing an en­viro cru­sade against what?

A: Too much beach­comb­ing B: Whale watch­ing that harms kelp C: Plas­tic mini toi­letry bot­tles

2: What was the voter turnout in San Fran­cisco?

A: 58 per­cent, so-so B: 67 per­cent, Bay Area tops C: 74 per­cent, best in decades

3: What’s the big­gest Bay Area real es­tate sale this year?

A: Sales­force buy­ing its mega tower B: Google snap­ping up an of­fice park C: Face­book own­ing half of Menlo Park

4: They’re ri­ot­ing in France over a fuel tax. What’s a gal­lon of gas cost?

A: $5.03 B: $6.26 C: $8.75

5: The gov­er­nor-elect’s wife, Jen­nifer Siebel New­som, prefers what term to “first lady”?

A: First part­ner B: Thought leader C: Co-men­tor

6: BART com­plaints about what prob­lem are down 73 per­cent?

A: Screechy steel wheels now fixed B: Bad mu­si­cians chased off by cops C: Lit­ter picked up by sta­tion agents

7: A na­tional po­lice group says 21% of cop time is spent do­ing what?

A: Look­ing for dough­nuts B: Deal­ing with men­tally ill C: Fill­ing out pa­per­work

8: Ac­cord­ing to Forbes, which TV host is the top earner, col­lect­ing $147 mil­lion?

A: Dr. Phil B: Ellen De­Generes C: Judge Judy

9: New num­bers on life ex­pectancy in the U.S. show what?

A: Health­ier coun­try liv­ing longer B: Same mid-70s as last year C: Life spans trend­ing down

10: The U.S. lost a three-week match to Nor­way in what sport?

A: Ice fish­ing B: Chess C: Lute­fisk bak­ing

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