Deja vu all over again for Giants mogul

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Here are some shout-outs I’ve been mean­ing to shout out, but you know how you get busy this time of year with hol­i­day plans and sleigh rides and bak­ing pump­kin pies for or­phans, but dog­gone it, as the man once said, “The time to hes­i­tate is through, no time to wal­low in the mire”!

Hey, Char­lie John­son!

Thanks for com­ing out of your mogul cave long enough to ex­plain why you, prin­ci­pal owner of the Giants, do­nated money to the Se­nate cam­paign of a can­di­date who sees pub­lic hang­ings as fes­tive events.

You sim­ply didn’t re­al­ize where your money was go­ing. Just like the pre­vi­ous time. Deja vu can be a b-word! We’ll keep your ex­pla­na­tion around for next time.

Be­cause you seem so charm­ing and harm­less in your in­ter­views, it’s prob­a­bly small­minded to won­der if you did ’em just to head off a boy­cott of your Giants and pro­tect your fi­nan­cial pos­te­rior.

Hey, you artists who painted the lovely paint­ings of the A’s fu­ture ball­park at Howard Ter­mi­nal! I love how you took care of one po­ten­tially colos­sal prob­lem. Way be­hind the ball­park in one paint­ing is a faintly vis­i­ble struc­ture. A camp­ing lodge, maybe? A gluten-free bak­ery?

No! On closer in­spec­tion, it’s Sch­nitzer Steel, in real life a mas­sive and ugly metal-pul­ver­iz­ing op­er­a­tion. What­ever steel-pul­ver­iz­ing byprod­ucts Sch­nitzer spews into the air are wafted di­rectly over Howard Ter­mi­nal by the pre­vail­ing bay breezes.

It will be very, very dif­fi­cult for the A’s to live next door to Sch­nitzer, and very, very hard to move Sch­nitzer. Maybe you artists can sim­ply paint them out com­pletely. A stroke of ge­nius. You’re wel­come. Hey, read­ers who take me to task for be­ing too cyn­i­cal about the A’s ball­park plans! Thank you.

Here’s a scrap from my notes from Mon­day’s news con­fer­ence where A’s and Oak­land of­fi­cials an­nounced that the team hopes to build a ball­park at Howard Ter­mi­nal: A’s Pres­i­dent Dave Kaval said the Howard Ter­mi­nal plan has pro­duced “pos­i­tive rip­ple ef­fects, as op­posed to neg­a­tive rip­ple ef­fects.” Hmm. When the A’s an­nounce­ment of plans to build their ball­park at Laney Col­lege caused ma­jor neg­a­tive rip­ple ef­fects, they forged ahead any­way, un­til that door was slammed in their face. Cyn­i­cism can be fun. When the ball­park opens in 2023, the first give­away will be a bob­ble­head of me eat­ing crow. Hey, Dave Kaval! Hope you take the sug­ges­tion I gave you for the new A’s ball­park. Even though the grand­stands will be su­per-close to the field, make foul ter­ri­tory out­side third base extra big, like at the Coli­seum, where that ob­sta­cle-strewn acreage has be­come Matt

Chapman’s Gold Glove play­ground. Hey, NFL! Last Fe­bru­ary?

That’s when the Ka­reem Hunt in­ci­dent took place? Se­ri­ously? I’ve seen re­play eval­u­a­tions that took a long time, but nine months? Will Roger Good­ell and ev­ery­one un­der him please re­sign?

Hey, Colin Kaeper­nick.

Great job do­ing some heavy lift­ing for re­cently elected Mis­sis­sippi Sen. Cindy Hy­deSmith. She be­lieves in ac­tively sup­press­ing the vote of mi­nori­ties and young vot­ers, who tend to vote left­ish. You also sup­port sup­pres­sion of those voter groups by your an­tiv­ot­ing stance. Hyde-Smith will help shape Amer­i­can pol­icy and law for at least the next two years be­cause she got a lot of — what do you call ’em? — votes. Hey, Un­der Ar­mour! You should hire that 9-year-old girl whose let­ter to Stephen Curry got the ball rolling on a line of UA Curry sneak­ers for girls and women. Who knew chicks play bas­ket­ball, too!

Hey, Mav­er­icks! Thanks for be­ing the em­bod­i­ment of one of the coolest words in the Dic­tio­nary of Sport: wipe­out.  Hey, you ghost-de­niers! Af­ter read­ing “The In­cred­i­ble Slip

Madi­gan, The Flam­boy­ant Coach Who Mod­ern­ized Foot­ball,” by the in­cred­i­ble Dave

Ne­w­house, I am con­vinced that the ghost of the old St. Mary’s coach haunts the Mor­aga campus to this day, for real. Once again, Ne­w­house breathes new life into for­got­ten Bay Area sports his­tory. Avail­able on Ama­zon or from Saint Jo­hann Press.

Hey, 49ers! You should get to know the po­lice depart­ment (Santa Clara) that po­lices your sta­dium and your team. You might have been alerted about that po­lice-re­ported Oc­to­ber tiff be­tween Reuben Fos­ter and his girl­friend, and maybe you could have helped those two head off more se­ri­ous prob­lems down the road. And I still won­der why John Lynch and

Kyle Shana­han, when asked last Sun­day whether they were aware of that in­ci­dent and re­port, didn’t an­swer that day with some form of ei­ther “yes” or “no.”

Hey, Jim Mor­ri­son of The Doors. What’s a “mire”? If there’s no time to wal­low in the mire, can we just wade in it?

Franklin Tem­ple­ton In­vest­ments

Giants prin­ci­pal owner Charles John­son caught heat for a po­lit­i­cal con­tri­bu­tion.

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