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Lynn Bostick

July 15, 1939 - April 17, 2021


Lynn Bostick was born July 15, 1939, in Valparaiso, Chile, daughter of Bob and Foy Bostick. She died on April 17, 2021. She was predecease­d by her brother Bobby Bostick who died in Vietnam in 1970. Unique. Independen­t. Loyal. Interestin­g. Well read. Ability to discuss anything with anyone. One of a kind attire. Resourcefu­l. Thirst for knowledge. Proud. Deeply committed to her principals.

In the fall of 1962, Lynn traveled across the country from Kentucky to Stanford University graduate school, in a Greyhound bus. She had been awarded a teaching assistants­hip in the Art Department. Going to graduate school in California was her route out of Lexington, Kentucky, where she had attended high school and graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Fine Arts.

Upon arriving in California, she fell in love with her new location. This became and remained her true home. “The intense, clear light and bold colors of the landscape, in particular the undulating yellow hills positioned against the flat, bright blue sky” excited her. The geography and coastline, as well as the city of San Francisco, strongly reminded her of her birthplace.

After Stanford, she moved to Berkeley, to attend University of California with intentions of earning a teaching credential. This proved to be a touchpoint for her to realize teaching was not for her, thus opening a path to a variety of endeavors, most notably her art work, modeling work, a technician on the Mariner Mars project, and house sitting. Through her modeling she was able to travel up and down the coast and all over the bay area. Adventures and extensive education during this time gave her the gained knowledge she craved and the freedom to grow.

Significan­t and lasting tangible pieces of Lynn continue to stand for many to view: one of her collage pieces, “Conversati­on on A Boat Deck,” is in the collection of Metropolit­an Museum in New York and a bronze statue of her in “Dance,” in front of the Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

She will be greatly missed by her self-cultivated family of friends who were always looking out for her, her forever grateful niece Jennifer (Bostick) Ellis and her family, Jay, Max and Sam Ellis and sister-inlaw Geri (Bostick) Lynds.

If you would like to give a donation please send one to KQED (https://www., the local PBS TV station providing Masterpiec­e Theater, in honor of Lynn.

The second picture above is of her most recently completed piece, “Torme on the Four Poster Bed,” 2020.

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