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Psychic Pie


Psychic Pie started popping up in Skyhawk Village in Santa Rosa in March, a project from a duo with experience at Del Popolo. Baker Nicholi Ludlow is the bread and dough manager at the restaurant, while his partner Leith LeslieMill­er works in operations at the popular San Francisco pizzeria.

The pizza here is different, though — a Romanstyle pizza al taglio. It’s a highhydrat­ion, naturally leavened dough that’s baked into a thick 9by9inch square. Toppings feature local ingredient­s like buffalo mozzarella and ricotta from Sonoma and pepperoni from Petaluma.

“We want to source all our ingredient­s completely from within Sonoma County, and we’re just about there,” said Ludlow. The tomatoes come from Yolo County, just a couple of hours east.

The pizzas are made in a commissary kitchen and are twicebaked, first in a large rotational oven with only sauce, and then again just prior to eating with more sauce and the toppings. The crust is light and tender, and the flavor is slightly sour and nutty due to the addition of spelt and durum flours. Though they’re offering only entire pies, the pair plan to sell slices by weight at farmers’ markets in Sonoma in June. They even purchased a portable pizza oven for that necessary second bake.

Cost: $20-$25. Website:; Address: 5755 Mountain Hawk Drive, Santa Rosa.

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