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“Mammoth Science: The Big Ideas That Explain Our World”


Written and illustrate­d by David Macaulay

DK; 160 pages; $19.99; ages 8-10

“Mammoth” refers to the scope of this superb, onestop introducti­on to science and to the nowextinct creatures that dance across pages to present physics, chemistry, biology, geology and astronomy. Quirky mammoths take on topics from atoms to the Andromeda Galaxy, including density and gravity, growth and developmen­t, floating and flying, chemical reactions and climate, and so on. It’s fun to see an Xray of a mammoth torso and fossils uncovered by the shrew. Here, the awardwinni­ng Macaulay, wellknown for “The Way Things Work,” again builds science literacy and promotes STEM learning in an impressive compendium that invites a deep dive or just browsing.

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