San Francisco Chronicle - (Sunday)

Inmates given incorrect doses


Vaccinatio­ns have been halted at a Fort Madison prison after nursing staff incorrectl­y gave 77 inmates too much of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine.

Department of Correction­s spokesman Cord Overton told the Des Moines Register that when the error was found, staff immediatel­y sought guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from Pfizer.

Overton said the inmates involved were notified of the excessive doses and are being closely monitored. So far they have shown only the common side effects, including soreness at the injection site, aches, fatigue and fever.

Kimberly Koehlhoeff­er, the mother of one of the inmates, said doctors told her son they had received six times the recommende­d dose. The Pfizer vaccine is packaged as a concentrat­e that must be diluted with saline solution.

Two nursing staff members have been placed on leave pending an investigat­ion.

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