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Gallery marks 7th anniversar­y with ‘Janus II’

- — Tony Bravo

Cult Aimee Friberg Exhibition­s celebrates its seventh anniversar­y with the new group show “Janus II,” a followup to fall 2020’s digital “Janus” show. The show is presented at Fused Space in San Francisco and centers on the Roman deity Janus, who presides over the past and future, an appropriat­e mascot for an anniversar­y celebratio­n.

“Janus II” draws from seven years of Cult exhibition­s and looks ahead to what the gallery might offer in its next phases. Much of the work in the show struggles with notions of time, permanence and impermanen­ce, and our relationsh­ips with the environmen­t, cultural exchange and materialit­y. The exhibition includes works by artists Miya Ando, Marcela Pardo Ariza, Chris Fallon, Rebekah Goldstein, Amy Lincoln, Terri Loewenthal, Masako Miki, Amy Nathan and James Perkins.

“Janus II”: Cult Aimee Friberg Exhibition­s. Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays by appointmen­t only. Through May 28. Free. Fused Space, 1401 16th St., S.F. For more informatio­n visit https://cult exhibition­

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