San Francisco Chronicle - (Sunday)

Celebratin­g the mesmerizin­g crackle of vinyl

- — Joshua Kosman

You don’t have to be a hipster or an audiophile snob to feel a fondness for the hypnotic crackling undertone of vinyl. It’s a sound that resonates in a variety of directions.

Those vintage hisses and hiccups serve as a constructi­ve element in “Turntable Drawing No. 16,” a beautiful new release by guitarist Giacomo Fiore and composer Danny Clay. Working in conjunctio­n with artist Jon Fischer, the two San Francisco musicians have created a slow, meditative landscape that blends looped repetition with electrifyi­ng narrative.

The music is elusive and direct, gently meandering and sharply unpredicta­ble, all at once. It’s a knockout. The piece gets a live performanc­e during an album release party at San Francisco’s invaluable Center for New Music.

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