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Nations agree to use troops along borders


The Biden administra­tion has struck an agreement with three Central American nations to temporaril­y move security forces to their borders in an effort to reduce the tide of immigratio­n to the U.S. border.

The agreement comes as the U.S. saw a record number of unaccompan­ied children attempting to cross the border in March, and the largest number of Border Patrol encounters overall with migrants on the southern border — just under 170,000 — since March 2001.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Mexico will maintain a deployment of about 10,000 troops, while Guatemala has sent 1,500 police and military personnel to its southern border and Honduras deployed 7,000 police and military to its border “to disperse a large contingent of migrants” there. Guatemala will also set up 12 checkpoint­s along the migratory route through the country.

A White House official said Guatemala and Honduras were deploying troops temporaril­y in response to a large caravan of migrants that was being organized at the end of March.

Psaki said that “the objective is to make it more difficult to make the journey, and make crossing the borders more difficult.”

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