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Artists band together for good cause

- By Mark Kennedy Mark Kennedy is an Associated Press writer.

NEW YORK — Fans of newspaper comics will instantly notice something missing in many of the strips this Friday — pants.

More than 25 cartoonist­s behind strips from “Blondie” to “Zippy the Pinhead” are celebratin­g the quirky holiday No Pants Day in a way that helps charities get clothing to those in need.

Participat­ing artists are drawing their characters without trousers and urging readers to donate clothing to thrift and secondhand stores hardhit by COVID19.

“This was a great way to help bring communitie­s together but also have a little bit of a laugh,” said Tea Fougner, comics editor at King Features Syndicate. “Just the idea of No Pants Day, I think, is something that everybody can feel a little bit closer to this year than in previous years.”

No Pants Day, held on the first Friday in May, is believed to have been started by a group of students at the University of Texas who thought leaving pants at home on the first Friday in May would be a fun way to end the semester.

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