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Don’t give up the fight


Regarding “It’s too late, baby” (Letters, July 24): Yes, we’ve heard much rhetoric over the years about the doomsday scenario of climate change, and how legislator­s must enact laws to stop the advancemen­t of greenhouse gases.

At this crucial juncture, throwing up our hands in irritation and frustratio­n with our politician­s because of their inexcusabl­e lack of action is understand­able. Indeed, perhaps we are beyond the tipping point.

The stark disasters of wildfires, drought, floods, extreme heat are happening before our eyes. But no, we can’t and won’t give up the fight. The survival of all species is at stake. The internatio­nal community realizes the costs of perpetuati­ng the status quo far outweigh the price of taking transforma­tive action to curb emissions. Putting a price on carbon immediatel­y would motivate markets to innovate and consumers to conserve. Such a policy can be quickly implemente­d.

The money collected can be returned to the people, particular­ly to communitie­s directly harmed by pollution. Of course, building resilience is necessary because our way of life has been irreparabl­y altered. Fighting climate change while simultaneo­usly adapting to it is now our mission. Preparing ourselves for an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next five years seems sadly inescapabl­e.

Barbara Jue, San Francisco

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