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3 a.m.: Men’s soccer quarterfin­al, continuing coverage USA Network

3 a.m.: Baseball: U.S. vs. South Korea, continuing coverage NBCSN

3 a.m.: Tennis: medals matches, continuing coverage Olympic Channel

3:05 a.m.: Track and field, swimming, beach volleyball ! 38 4 a.m.: Men’s soccer quarterfin­al USA Network 5 a.m.: Men’s archery final, men’s water polo: U.S. vs. Hungary; women’s rugby final; cycling: BMX freestyle qualifying; men’s gymnastics: trampoline final !38

6 a.m.: Women’s volleyball: China vs. Italy USA Network

6 a.m.: Men’s badminton: doubles gold-medal game NBCSN

9:30 a.m.: Men’s basketball; triathlon: mixed relay; tennis: women’s singles final; gymnastics: men’s trampoline 38

1 p.m.: Men’s basketball: U.S. vs. Czech Republic 38

2 p.m.: Beach volleyball: luckyloser matches NBCSN

3:30 p.m.: Men’s golf: final round Golf Channel

5 p.m.: Women’s beach volleyball: eliminatio­n round; track and field; swimming !38

5 p.m.: Track and field USA Network

5 p.m.: Men’s soccer: quarterfin­als NBCSN

5:30 p.m.: Men’s archery: individual final CNBC

6:10 p.m.: Cycling: men’s, women’s BMX freestyle finals CNBC

7:45 p.m.: Men’s fencing: team foil quarterfin­als USA Network

8 p.m.: Tennis: Men’s single, women’s doubles, mixed doubles gold-medal matches Olympic Channel

8:20 p.m.: Wrestling: men’s Greco-Roman, women’s freestyle CNBC

8:30 p.m.: Men’s fencing: team foil quarterfin­als !38

8:30 p.m.: Women’s basketball: Spain vs. Canada USA Network 9 p.m.: Badminton: men’s singles semifinals CNBC

9 p.m.: Men’s beach volleyball: eliminatio­n round; cycling: BMX freestyle final; swimming !38

9:30 p.m.: Men’s fencing: team foil semifinals USA Network 9:45 p.m.: Women’s rugby: bronze- and gold-medal matches NBCSN

10 p.m.: Beach volleyball: eliminatio­n round CNBC 11 p.m.: Women’s diving: 3m springboar­d finals USA Network

11:30 a.m.: Women’s beach volleyball, track and field; swimming !38

Midnight: Men’s handball: Norway vs. France CNBC 12:15 p.m. Sun.: Men’s basketball: Brazil vs. France USA Network

12:30 p.m. Sun.: Men’s soccer quarterfin­al NBCSN

1:15 a.m. Sun.: Men’s basketball: Spain vs. Slovenia USA Network

2:30 a.m. Sun.: Fencing: men’s team foil final NBCSN

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