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NCAA set for major overhaul


The NCAA Board of Governors on Friday called for a constituti­onal convention in November, the first step toward launching dramatic reform in the governance of college sports.

Stung for years by criticism that it is too heavyhande­d and out of touch, the NCAA said it wants to “reimagine” how to more effectivel­y manage the needs of its more than 450,000 athletes at more than 1,100 schools.

A 22person Constituti­on Review Committee with university presidents, conference commission­ers, athletic directors and students from Divisions I, II and III will be created to redraft the NCAA’s constituti­onal articles.

Two weeks ago, NCAA president Mark Emmert made headlines when he said it was time to consider a decentrali­zed and deregulate­d version of college sports that shifted power to conference­s and campuses and away from the NCAA.

The willingnes­s to discuss an overhaul of the NCAA comes about a month after the Supreme Court ruled against the organizati­on in what was seen as a bombshell unanimous decision, upholding a lower court ruling in an antitrust case related to caps on educationr­elated compensati­on.

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