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S.F. Opera will require patrons to be vaccinated

- By Joshua Kosman Joshua Kosman is The San Francisco Chronicle’s music critic. Email: jkosman@sfchronicl­ Twitter: @JoshuaKosm­an

The San Francisco Opera has announced new safety protocols for audiences in response to the COVID19 pandemic and the recent surge in delta variant cases. The company said it would now require proof of vaccinatio­n for all patrons age 12 and older.

A previous standard that also allowed patrons to attend with proof of a negative COVID test has been discontinu­ed.

“We’ve been in constant consultati­on for a year with doctors at UCSF,” General Director Matthew Shilvock told The Chronicle on Wednesday, July 28, “and after our recent conversati­ons, we felt this was the time to move to a totally vaccinated environmen­t.”

Shilvock pointed out that the Opera already required proof of vaccinatio­n for anyone coming into the company’s workspaces, including offices and the backstage of the War Memorial Opera House. The new requiremen­t will ensure that the entirety of the theater is fully vaccinated.

The new safety protocol goes into effect immediatel­y and applies to the

“We realize there may be some people who were banking on attending performanc­es who may not be able to, and we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenie­nce.” Matthew Shilvock, general director, S.F. Opera

202122 season, which opens Aug. 21 with a revival of Puccini’s “Tosca.”

Masks will continue to be required for all performanc­es.

“To show proof of vaccinatio­n, we ask that you show either your physical vaccinatio­n card or a photo of your card,” the company wrote in a letter sent to ticket holders. “We recommend keeping a photo of your card on your phone for easy access at all times.”

“We realize there may be some people who were banking on attending performanc­es who may not be able to,” Shilvock said, “and we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenie­nce.”

He added that families with children younger than 12 who wish to attend performanc­es should contact the box office to discuss seating and safety options.

The Opera’s decision comes as state public health officials released a new recommenda­tion that all residents use masks in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccinatio­n status.

The San Francisco Symphony requires that concertgoe­rs wear masks but does not ask for proof of either vaccinatio­n or a negative COVID19 test. A spokespers­on told The Chronicle on Wednesday that the orchestra’s Health and Safety Task Force is currently discussing potential updates to that protocol for the 202122 season.

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