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LAPD sued over vaccine mandate


A group of Los Angeles Police Department employees has filed a federal lawsuit challengin­g the city’s mandate that all L.A. employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The lawsuit, filed over the weekend, claims the mandate violates the employees’ constituti­onal rights to privacy and due process.

The six LAPD employees suing include individual­s “who could not assert a medical or religious exemption” to the vaccine requiremen­t, as well as individual­s who have “experience­d and recovered from COVID-19” and have natural antibodies to fight the virus, the complaint states.

The suit also claims the employees have been subjected to harassment and undue pressure to get vaccinated by LAPD leaders, including a captain who said during a roll call meeting that the city was willing to fire thousands of officers if they don’t get vaccinated.

It alleges commanders have called unvaccinat­ed officers “unfit for duty” and told them that they would be denied promotions and special assignment­s based on their unvaccinat­ed status.

Nearly half of the LAPD’s 12,000-plus workforce remain unvaccinat­ed, according to recent data — a greater percentage than in the general public.

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